Kids’ Riddles – 50 Fun Brain-teasers with Answers

We all love a challenge. Adults and kids alike love to solve riddles. They’re great fun and it’s always a great feeling when you solve one. Kids’ riddles are a great way to encourage children to think outside the box and improve their lateral thinking and reasoning.

Top 50 Kids’ Riddles

Here are 50 fun kids’ riddles that will test adults too. The answers are below (no cheating!).


1. Two fathers and two sons enter a shop and spend £1.50 each. The shopkeeper takes £4.50. What happened to the rest?

2. Why are 1984 bottles of whisky more valuable than 1977 bottles of whisky?

3. Tom and Ella emerged from playing in the cellar. Tom had a clean face, but Ella had a dirty smear on her forehead. Why was it Tom who went to wash himself?

4. A man looks out of a window. He is desperate to open it, yet he knows this would kill him. Why?

5. Detective Smith finds Romeo and Juliet dead on the kitchen floor surrounded by broken glass. They were alone when they died. What killed them?

6. A father and son were involved in a car accident and rushed to hospital. On seeing the unconscious young boy, the surgeon exclaimed, “Oh no! That’s my son!” How can this be true?

7. You can use three identical digits in a simple addition so that the total is 12. You cannot use 4. What’s the answer?

8. A man died on January 23rd yet was buried on January 22nd. Why the premature burial?

9. If an average hen’s egg is two inches long and weighs 10.5 ounces, and an average peacock’s egg is exactly twice the length and 2.5 times the weight, which has the greater circumference?

10. If it rained for 40 days and 40 nights, and the animals entered in pairs at a rate of 30 pairs per day, how many days did it take Moses to get all 360 animals onto the ark?

11. Two parachutists drift off course. When they land, one walks east, the other west, yet within an hour they meet up. Explain.

12. Polly Warden loved the colour yellow. All the walls in her new bungalow were primrose yellow. The carpets, curtains and all the soft furnishings were a golden yellow. What colour were her stairs?

13. When a fire broke out in a plane, a panicking passenger opened the emergency hatch and threw himself out, even though he had no parachute. How was it that when the rescue services found him, he was alive and well without injury?

14. In five years, I will be three times as old as I was three years ago. How old am I now?

15. When the fire alarm sounded in the ten-story building where he works, Chris didn’t bother making for the stairs, but jumped straight out of the nearest window. How did he survive?

16. A donkey was tied to a six-yard rope. How did it manage to eat a pile of hay 50 feet away without biting through the rope?

17. Mr Smith eats two eggs every day. He never buys any eggs, nobody gives them to him, and he doesn’t steal them from anyone, nor does he keep hens. Where does he get his eggs from?

18. If I leave London at 1pm on Monday, arriving in Manchester three hours later, and leave Manchester at 1am on Thursday, arriving back in London five hours later, will I ever have been at exactly the same spot at exactly the same time of day during both journeys?

19. A basketball player lay dead in his driveway next to his mailbox having shot himself. On closer inspection the police realised the mailbox was connected to his death, and that this was a murder investigation. What did they discover?

20. They can be made, laid down, bent and broken, although it’s difficult to touch them. What are they?

21. What is impossible to hold for half an hour, yet weighs virtually nothing?

22. A woman has three daughters who in turn, each have three daughters. If they all get together in one room, how many pairs of grandmothers and granddaughters are there?

23. Dave married two women, without getting divorced, becoming a widower, or committing bigamy. How?

24. One Friday morning two trains speed along the same track through an empty station. One is heading north, the other south. Neither train brakes, nor diverts to another track. How do they avoid a collision?

25. If a man cannot be tried for the same crime twice, why was Edward Dukes tried six times last week for the murder of Lady Soames?

26. If a man’s mother-in-law can marry his son, and a woman’s father can marry her sister-in-law, can a man marry his widow’s sister?

27. A plane carrying 60 Mexican lawyers to a convention in Rio crashed and landed directly on the border between Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. Where should the survivors be buried?

28. What holds water, but is full of holes?

29. The maker does not need it, the buyer does not use it, and the user uses it without knowing. What is it?

30. What is the next letter in the sequence OTTFFS?

31. I’m inside, halfway up a building that has no windows or balconies, yet I’ve got an incredible view of the city around me. What sort of building am I in?

32. If there were eight crows on a wall near a sheep pen, and the farmer shot one, how many crows would be left?

33. I often go to the police station, sometimes in the middle of the night, and destroy considerable numbers of fingerprints. I do not, however, consider myself a criminal. Who am I?

34. When asked who a certain photograph was of, the owner replied “I have neither sister nor brother, but my mother’s daughter is the man’s mother.” Who was in the photograph?

35. What do you put on the table, cut and then pass around, but would never actually eat?

36. A man runs to the quayside dock, performs a death-defying leap and lands safely but painfully on the deck of a ferry. He is very happy, until an impressed stranger asks him a question, where upon he starts crying. What was the question?

37. Jenny works at a grocery store. She only weighed six pounds when she was born, but now aged 18, she is 5 foot 10 inches tall. What does she weigh?

38. If one man has three sacks of corn on his back, and another man has four sacks on his back, which of them has the heavier load?

39. An electric train is travelling north from Newcastle to Edinburgh, a journey of around 100 miles. At a speed of 75mph, the wind is blowing from the east at 40mph. In what direction will the smoke from the train blow?

40. What is the difference between an old and crumpled, slightly torn $10 bill and a new one?

41. Which would burn longer – a short, fat blue candle or a long, thin spirally yellow one?

42. Five men were travelling along a lane. It began to rain. Four of the men quickened their step and got wet. The fifth man did not quicken his step but remained quite dry. He did not have an umbrella or hat. How can this be?

43. John and Jim fell asleep on their airbeds on the beach, and got swept out to sea. John was nearly saved, but Jim was nearly drowned. Which of them later donated a week’s wages to the Lifeboat Institute?

44. A woman watched her husband plunge head first down a deep ravine. She returned home to find him in the kitchen, chopping onions. How is this possible?

45. A carrot, a football scarf and five buttons were found in a field. If nobody placed them there, how did they get there?

46. On the table is a carton containing six eggs. If six people each take one egg, how can it be that one egg is left in the carton?

47. You enter a deserted house late at night. Inside there is an oil lamp, a gas fire, and a stove full of wood. You have only one match. Which should you light first?

48. Mr Robinson wanted a house where the windows in all of the rooms faced south. How did he manage this?

49. A man stopped his car opposite a hotel and immediately knew that he was bankrupt. How?

50. A man leaves the hospital and begins to walk home. On his journey he passes a phone booth that begins to ring. Instead of answering it, he punches the air and runs all the way home cheering. Why?


How do you think you did? Here are the answers to these fun kids’ riddles.

1. Only three men entered the shop: a son, father and grandfather, so only £4.50 was spent.

2. Because there are seven more of them.

3. They looked at each other! The clean child saw the other’s dirty face and assumed that he was as dirty. The child who was dirty only saw the other’s clean face so had no reason to think she was not also clean.

4. He is in a submarine and suffering from claustrophobia.

5. Romeo and Juliet were goldfish whose bowl was knocked over by an intruding dog. They died from asphyxiation.

6. The surgeon was the boy’s mother.

7. 11 + 1 = 12

8. The man died in Fiji and the body was flown to Samoa for burial. Such a flight would cross the international date line from west to east and in effect, the date would go back one day.

9. Peacocks do not lay eggs. Peahens do!

10. None, it was Noah’s ark.

11. They didn’t drift off course together, but instead landed two hours’ walk from each other.

12. There are no stairs in a bungalow.

13. The plane was still on the ground when he leapt.

14. 7

15. It was a ground floor window.

16. The other end of the rope wasn’t attached to anything.

17. He keeps ducks.

18. Yes. If, for example, two people made the journey on the same day, they would pass, even travelling at radically different speeds.

19. Every night a rival basketball player added half an inch to the height of the mailbox. After a week, the player became convinced that he was shrinking. Devastated at the prospect of losing his livelihood, the player committed suicide.

20. Rules.

21. Your breath.

22. 9

23. Dave is a priest who conducted two weddings.

24. One goes through at 8am, and the other at 9am.

25. Edward was an actor in an amateur dramatic society’s annual Agatha Christie production.

26. No, because he would have to be dead in order to have a widow.

27. You do not bury survivors.

28. A sponge.

29. A coffin.

30. S. They are the initial letters for the numbers one, two, three etc.

31. A multi-storey car park.

32. One. The dead one – the rest would’ve flown away.

33. The cleaner of the police station.

34. The owner’s son.

35. A deck of cards.

36. “Why didn’t you wait another two minutes for the ferry to dock?” The ship was coming in, not leaving, as the man had presumed.

37. Fruit and vegetables.

38. The first – three sacks of corn are heavier than four empty sacks.

39. It won’t. Electric trains don’t produce smoke.

40. The difference between a $10 bill and a $1 bill is $9.

41. Neither – candles burn shorter.

42. The four men were pallbearers and the fifth was the corpse in the coffin.

43. Jim. He was nearly drowned, but actually saved, whereas John was nearly saved but actually drowned.

44. Her husband was a stuntman and she’d been watching him at work.

45. They are the remains of a snowman, after a thaw.

46. The last person took the last egg, still in the carton.

47. The match.

48. He built a house on the North Pole, so that all four windows faced south.

49. He was playing Monopoly.

50. The man has just been cured of deafness, and the ringing phone is final proof that it was successful.

How did your children do with these kids’ riddles? Let me know in the comments and feel free to post your own!

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