Cupboard Locks – Protect Your Children in the Kitchen

The best child safety cupboard locks

Our Top Choice Cupboard Locks

Keep your child away from drawers and cupboards with a set of CALISH Child Safety Cupboard Locks, a top seller on Amazon.

These are ideal for stopping your toddler from getting their hands on cleaning products or medicines, or even their favourite food! Without child locks on your kitchen cupboards, they could also trap their fingers.

The locks are easy to install with the included adhesive tape, so no drilling is required. They fit inside drawers or cupboards, so they remain out of sight and avoid upsetting the aesthetics of your home.

Their clever design enables them to work using magnets. You simply need to hold the magnetic key close to the hook (which is caught on the latch), and it will disengage. Your child won’t be able to do this as long as you keep the key out of reach.

When your child is grown up and the locks aren’t necessary, you can easily remove them.

Each set contains ten locks and two keys.

Customer Reviews

With over 500 positive reviews on Amazon, these cupboard locks are proving very popular among parents:

“I LOVE these!! It’s easy to install and keeps kids out of your drawers. Would recommend to anyone who has kids.”

“These are amazing! I decided to install them instead of waiting for my husband and it was so easy. I am so happy we won’t be drilling into the cupboards anymore! We installed others that had to be drilled into our cupboards and we haven’t been impressed with the results. They use 3M adhesive so you don’t need any tools. Works as advertised and holds real well. They also give you a few extra adhesive strips in the packing. I feel quite satisfactory in this regard.”

“Clever toddler proof safety cupboard locks – using a magnet. Ideal.”

Our Verdict

In conclusion, we’re so confident about these child cupboard locks that they’re the only ones we list. They’ll keep your child away from dangerous substances or tools whilst remaining invisible. At £15 per set, they’re a bargain too.

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