Best Bed Guard – How to Choose the Right One

Choosing the right bed guard is essential, particularly as children tend to roll around as they sleep. As your baby grows and transitions to a bed, you’ll need to ensure they can’t fall out while sleeping. Not only will a bed guard help your child, it will also help you sleep well, as you’ll know your child is safe. We’ve compared and researched a variety of products to help you find the best bed guard.

Which is the best bed guard?

We’ve selected several bed guards that we highly recommend.

Purple Daisies Foam Bed Guard

The Purple Daisies Foam Bed Guard is arguably the best bed guard around

Our Top Choice Bed Guard

With its unique approach to bed guards, the Purple Daisies Foam Bed Guard (£12) is, in our view, the best bed guard available, making it our top choice.

Instead of a traditional bed rail, this is a foam wedge that lies directly on the mattress and is held in place securely under the bed sheets.

The foam is soft so that toddlers can climb in and out of bed easily, but is also firm enough to stop them from falling out of bed while they sleep.

Unlike other similar bed guards, this is suitable for babies and children of all ages and all types of bed. There are also no moving parts, making it a safe product that’s extremely easy to fit.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are very positive, with many parents praising its simplicity and effectiveness at keeping toddlers in their beds.

“I can’t speak highly enough about this bed bumper, which I bought after being recommended by several friends. It not only stops my little wriggler from falling out of bed but it makes it easy for me to ‘extract’ myself without disturbing her after a cuddle.”

“This product has been fab. It stays in place really well and it looks impossible for my son to fall out of bed with this on, but he can still climb out easily if he needs to. Really pleased with it.”

“My daughter was falling out of bed 2-3 times a night. Since we’ve had this she hasn’t fallen out of bed once!”

Our Verdict

We love this product from Purple Daisies, a British company based in Berkshire. Its innovative design means it’s arguably the best bed guard around, and one of the best child safety products you could buy.

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Safety 1st Portable Bed Guard

Safety 1st Portable Bed Rail is the best portable bed guard

Amazon’s Bestselling Bed Guard

Currently one of Amazon’s best sellers, the Safety 1st Portable Bed Guard (£20) is perfect for stopping your toddler from falling out of their bed. This is the best portable bed guard we’ve seen.

Available in blue, grey or pink, this bed rail is suitable from 18 months to 5 years and comes fully assembled. It folds down so that your child can get in or out of bed effortlessly.

It can be stored or transported with ease, thanks to its folded down size of 71 x 7 x 42cm, and can be used with both standard and slatted beds, as long as they are at least 156cm in length with a mattress depth of 10-26cm.

Note that this shouldn’t be used on a bed that’s more than 60cm from the floor.

Customer Reviews

With over 200 positive reviews on Amazon, this is a strong performer.

“Great and sturdy bed rail. It can be folded down by pressing in on the side buttons and can be done one at a time. I use it on a bunk bed and have no problems. Used it on a divan bed for a week and worked just as well.”

“Not sure how you can go wrong. Very straightforward. Does the job. Easy to extend. We use it in a bed that has about a two inch recess that the mattress sits in and still works fine.”

“This is perfect – does its job really well and is easy to move from one bed to another, you can easily take it with you if staying away from home etc, and our toddler loves it, makes him feel safe in his bed at night. Highly recommended.”

Our Verdict

This is an extremely popular child safety product and is possibly the best portable bed guard on the market (we can’t find anything better). We believe that either this or the Purple Daisies Foam Bed Guard will meet your needs perfectly.

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Safetots Wooden Bed Guard

This Safetots Wooden Bed Guard is a great choiceAlternatively, you may prefer to opt for a wooden bed guard. This Safetots Wooden Bed Guard (£34) has been well designed and has received some outstanding reviews.

It’s suitable for children from 18 months to 5 years and will fit most types of bed, including cot beds and single or double beds.

The bed guard is easy to install as it simply slides under the mattress, which holds it in place. The mattress should have a minimum length of 120cm and a maximum thickness of 19cm.

To aid storage, it can also fold down.

The bed guard is fully safety tested. The length of 110cm and height of 38cm also provides a high level of safety for your child.

Customer Reviews

Feedback from customers on Amazon has been very positive:

“I use this on a single divan bed for my toddler granddaughter when she comes to stay. It looks so good I leave it up even when she is only here during the day. It came hinged and ready-assembled and is easy to slot under the mattress. Just high enough to stop her falling out of a fairly high bed, but not so obstructive that she can’t climb out when fully awake. I think it looks much sturdier and smart than the metal ones. I am very pleased with it.”

“Works well on our toddler’s single bed, even though the mattress is quite a high one. Length is also perfect for the standard single bed. So far also very robust. Toddler has an ultra low bed and likes to climb over the rail instead of using the entrance gaps. Has been doing this for four months now and rail is not wobbly yet!”

“Excellent product. Easy to use and looks much nicer and feels much sturdier than the fabric ones. Little girl has been sleeping much better since we introduced it as I think she feels more secure and a bit like when she was in her cot.”

Our Verdict

This wooden bed guard is a great product to consider. It’s strong, looks great, and provides a high level of safety for your child.

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BabyDan Wooden Bed Guard

This BabyDan wooden bed guard is a great choiceAnother wooden bed guard worth considering is this BabyDan Wooden Bed Guard (£30). BabyDan make some fantastic child safety products and this one is no exception.

It will fit all beds apart from crib beds and upper bunk beds, and is suitable for children from 18 months.

Installation is easy as the bed guard simply clips on or off the frame by pressing a button on each side. This enables it to be stored away easily.

The guard measures 90cm (width) x 42cm (height), so it’s not quite as wide as the Safetots one above.

Customer Reviews

With over 100 five-star reviews on Amazon, there’s no doubt that this an excellent bed guard.

“I bought this for my 21 month old son’s cot-bed to get him used to having the side off the cot. We used it on that for two weeks and have now just transferred him into his big boys bed and this fits perfectly on there too! Brilliant product!”

“Great product and looks lovely in my little boy’s bedroom. We’ve been using it for over a year now and it’s still in excellent condition and extremely sturdy.”

“This is a 5 star product! Super easy to install (took me 5 mins), perfect height for my 3 year old and it looks great with his white bed. Very sturdy and great quality.”

Our Verdict

BabyDan’s wooden bed guard is a worthy contender. It looks great, is easy to install, and will help your child as they transition to a bed.

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We’ll keep this page updated throughout 2019 with the best products to help you choose the right bed guard.

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