Babies With Glasses – Super Cute Photos That Will Make You Smile

If there’s one thing the internet loves, it’s pictures of babies (or cats). What’s even better than that? Pictures of babies with glasses, of course. As someone who has worn glasses from an early age, I feel they’re part of who I am. I honestly don’t think people would recognise me without them! They come in all kinds of colours, sizes and designs, and are more than just a fashion statement. As the majority of adults wear glasses, it’s not long before newborn babies are introduced to them. They must surely be intrigued.

It’s fun seeing what babies look like wearing glasses, particularly as they wouldn’t normally wear them until they’re older. I’ve trawled the web to find the best photos of toddlers and babies with glasses in a variety of situations. From the silly to the hilarious, from the cute to the adorable – these photos are guaranteed to warm your heart.

Super smart baby with glasses

This baby looks very smart, not only with the glasses, but with the bow tie, too. Very stylish. Perhaps he’ll be playing James Bond when he’s older?

This baby with glasses could be the next Einstein?

Not sure what this baby is reading but could he be the next Einstein?

Two twin baby boys with glasses

These twin baby boys look delightful wearing their blue glasses. The one on the right looks pretty happy about it, but the one on the left doesn’t seem so sure…

Super cute baby with glasses

This baby looks very cute in a pair of rather large rounded glasses. I think they actually suit her well.

Sleeping baby with glasses

Looks like all that reading made this baby tired, even managing to fall asleep with their glasses on.

Another sleeping baby with glasses

It must be catching. This baby has done the same thing, though the glasses are definitely too big!

Graduate baby with glasses

This toddler is already looking forward to university and imagining graduation.

Smart baby in a library

I love this photo. It has to be one of my favourites from this collection. A gorgeous photo timed and composed to perfection.

Charismatic baby with glasses

I would love to know what this toddler is saying. Caption ideas welcome.

This baby with sunglasses is adorable

I’ll just leave this here. Has a baby with sunglasses ever looked cooler?

Super genius baby with glasses dreaming up the next business idea

Here’s a toddler dreaming of their next big idea. The next Elon Musk, perhaps?

Adorable baby with glasses

Check out that smile. So adorable.

Elegant baby with glasses

How elegant does this baby look holding a pair of glasses?

Sweet baby with glasses

A lovely photo of a very cute baby, probably wondering why they’re being made to wear such oversized glasses.

Cute baby with glasses

Yet another beautiful shot. Her hair is super stylish.

This baby girl with glasses loves to read

Wearing glasses upside-down could be the start of something.

Smiling baby girl in library with glasses

Ah, there we go. Order has been restored.

Super cute babies with glasses

Last but not least, these babies are enjoying a 3D film, complete with popcorn.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these photos of toddlers and babies with glasses. Have you ever put glasses on your baby, just to get funny photos? Let me know in the comments!

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